See you next year!


Jul 13, 2020


Dear friends,


Due to COVID-19, the museum’s renovation was temporarily suspended and resulted in a delay in the progress. Under this new circumstance, the reopening of the museum is postponed to 2021. The solo exhibition by Swiss artist John Armleder that was scheduled for the autumn of 2019 will also be postponed to next year.


During this period, RAM will continue to curate and research, as well as to develop education and public projects in collaboration with local communities and institutions. This year, we launched CURTAIN — a long term research project spanning multiple geographies and will be articulated through a series of different exhibition formats, discursive platforms and cross-institutional collaborations from 2020 to 2023. Going beyond the physical definition of an exhibition, the series looks to expand the dialogue with artists to gather the inclusion of critical thinkers and practitioners from other social and cultural fields. Beginning in June, 2020, the CURTAIN online platform will move beyond a literal and physical boundary through a bi-monthly structure of edited downloadable content. The first phase of the online platform has been activated through publishing the first issue “End Time Super Topic” of a series online journal on our digital channels. Each ensuing issue will reexamine contemporary realities, present a way to frame different conditions and expand research and education platforms. Future art and education programs will be announced online, subscribe to our official WeChat account, Weibo, Instagram and Facebook for updates.


Additionally, "RAM Space" will be open to the public on July 17. It is located on the first floor of Lyceum Building, no. 185 Yuanmingyuan Road. A space that will house the familiar Reading Room, RAM Shop and host a series of education programs. We look forward to keeping in touch with you at "RAM Space". RAM Shop's Taobao store was launched on June 8, where you can procure all of RAM’s multiples online.


We apologize for the delay in the museum’s reopening. Kindly stay updated through the museum's website and social media for specific opening hours.

See you next year!


Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum

July, 2020





Facebook:Rockbund Art Museum

WeChat: ram_ram

Weibo: 上海外滩美术馆

Douyin ID: RAMshanghai

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