Ya Vae 2019 | A dramatic evening awaits!


Jul 30, 2019


Artistic Direction: Larys Frogier

Sound, Image & Text Conceptualization: WAVZ

Music Producer: DJ ALRO


​As Shanghai’s most anticipated art gala in autumn, the Rockbund Art Museum’s Ya Vae returns anew on Saturday, November 9, 2019. This year the Rockbund Art Museum has been officially registered as a non-profit organization by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, a milestone from which we will continue to move forward, in becoming more deeply involved in artistic exploration and interactions with the public, and in boldly embracing the unknown. At the outset of this new chapter for our institution, our team at RAM cordially invites you to join us in an extraordinary and unforgettable D-RAM-A, an intricately planned event where you will be able to experience the warmth and vitality of this young organization.


Ya Vae 2018, 2018


An Exchange Platform of the Highest Quality 

Ya Vae guests include leaders in art and business from all around the world, such as artists, curators, national and international museum directors, important art collectors and brokers, representatives from leading international art galleries, representatives of private banks and so on, who will celebrate together with RAM’s Board of Trustees, Academic Committee, Sponsorship Committee and cooperative partners. While immersed in a unique art experience, guests will be exposed to the newest trends, cutting-edge issues and current ecosystem of the contemporary art world, and to sharing strategies for participating in and advancing the development of art and society. Each year’s Ya Vae has a limited guest number of 100 - 150 invitees, and as such is a valuable opportunity for specialists from around the world to meet and interact.


RAM 5 Years Anniversary, 2015


A One-of-a-Kind Art Experience

Distinctive from other celebratory and charitable events, Ya Vae is a unique art platform presented by the Rockbund Art Museum, where creative artistic projects and an acute societal awareness are daringly and exquisitely embedded within the banquet format and venue space, providing guests with a strikingly meaningful experience.


Zhang Ding : Devouring Time, 2016

 Ya Vae 2018, 2018


D-RAM-A Ya Vae 2019 

How to Participate 

A number of seats at the 2019 Ya Vae will be open to the public, where we invite those passionate about art and public welfare to participate in this special gathering, to support the development of art and public programs at the Rockbund Art Museum.


Individual sponsorship

5,000 RMB / seat ( 2 sponsorships max.per person ) 

In addition to reserving a seat at the gala, the sponsor will also be given the following benefits:

  • Free RAM membership, with unlimited admission to RAM exhibitions within a one-year period
  • Receive published materials by RAM
  • Sponsor will be acknowledged by name at the gala event, on the RAM official website, SNS platforms as well as in the RAM Annual Report

For individual and organizational sponsorship inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Oranda Hou


The generous donations of Ya Vae guests will be used entirely to fund public projects such as future exhibitions and educational research at the Rockbund Art Museum. 

Our team at RAM is looking forward to and honored by your participation!

Installation view of "RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017 : DISPLACE ", 2017. Courtesy of Rockbund Art Museum.


Rockbund Art Museum is grateful to the following individuals and institutions for the generous contributions and emphatic support


Lynn and Thomas Ou


Honorary Board Members:


Ms. Shirley Zhang

Ms. Yang Fuyi


Chair of Patron Council:

Mr. & Mrs. C. K. Cheung


Members of Patron Council:

New Century Art Foundation and Founder Mr. Wang Bing

Mr. William Sun

Ms. Xu Lingnan

Mr. Hong Hai

Ms. Wang Simian


Annual Support for Production and Education Programs:

Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte (FABA)



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