Guided Tour by Larys Frogier, director of Rockbund Art Museum, during the solo exhibition of Paola Pivi: Share, but it's not Fair


The Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) aims to raise the profile of contemporary art and to energize the international and Chinese art scenes.

RAM conceives of and organizes temporary art exhibitions, paying the utmost attention to professionalism and quality content in curatorial practice.

RAM offers a space where artists and curators can develop art projects that make specific and often strong demands, embracing various creative practices such as visual arts, sound, performance, design, and architecture.

RAM strives to spread humanistic values and promote art by offering audiences from all walks of life the best conditions in encountering artworks and by being dedicated to the education, research and promotion of contemporary art.

With a stated goal of academic rigor, professionalism and internationalization, RAM invites artists and curators to conceive of art projects specially tailored for the museum. An annual  program of 3 exhibitions addresses the future challenges for contemporary art, supporting decisively both acclaimed and emerging Chinese and international artists. For solo exhibitions, RAM fully supports new art projects and produces most of the original artworks, offering a strong platform for the artists. For group exhibitions, RAM highlights specific contemporary art topics and practices, cultivating innovative curatorial projects and critical concepts.  In addition, RAM encourages creative directions in design, fashion, architecture and pop culture, echoing the sophisticated creative orientation of the entire Rockbund area.

Education is at the core of RAM’s mission of supporting the production and sharing of contemporary art in China, and in this way, of contributing to the progress of society in general. The well-conceived education programs at RAM, along with its highly acclaimed exhibition projects, have become one of the widely recognized professional strengths of the museum. The RAM education program endeavors to build meaningful connections between RAM artistic projects and their public, introduce to them artistic and social practices at the frontline in China and in the world, and stimulate thinking and exchange between different disciplines and social groups. We hope, through these activities, the museum will become a site of learning, debate and enjoyment to which all members of the public have equal and full access.

The research platform is devoted to the intellectual fervor permeating the museum's activities, activating the fundamental process of critical thinking inside an institution. The research platform addresses and gathers a community of international and Chinese artists, curators, theorists and students from different universities. Workshops, seminars, public lectures, curatorial projects, publications, data base and archives, forums are some formats which will energize the research platform. The research platform further extends the practice of contemporary art by linking up with other fields of knowledge like art theory, anthropology, sociology, art history, cultural studies etc.  It establishes the sustainability of the museum as a space to share content and to decisively enrich the vision of the Rockbund Art Museum.


The development platform supports the Exhibition, Education and Research platforms, including resource development, public relations, media communication and audience development. We are exploring and expanding the network with fellow cultural institutions and organizations, building connections with social forces with strong interests in art and striving to engage these forces into interacting with and contributing to the development of contemporary arts in China and beyond. We are devoted to branding the RAM as open platforms for the public experience and learning process of contemporary art, through consolidating various communication channels both online, via offline, social media and mobile devices, applying new and multi-media to offer many ways to stay informed about the museums activities and to provide feedback.



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