Initiated by Lynn and Thomas Ou, founders of Rockbund Art Museum  (hereinafter referred to as “RAM”), RAM Honorary Board Member Program aims to build a platform for leaders in all fields who are passionate about art, creativity and philanthropy, to participate in the development of RAM and of the arts community globally. Honorary Board Members are designated for those who are driven by the love for art, and share the museum’s goal and vision. With a term of three years, Honorary Board Members will support the museum's major exhibitions, arts initiatives and public education programs, participate in the development of the museum, and join the efforts to achieve RAM’s mission to serve art and social progresses.


Patron Council Program at RAM is designed for experienced collectors and leading figures in the art community. Patron Council members are provided with a meaningful cultural dialogue among prominent members of the art community globally. The members of the patron council will be selected by the directors of RAM. With respect to the autonomy of RAM, over the term of three years, the patron council will gain a unique perspective on producing, collecting, and curating art and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the programs of the museum with their knowledge  and experiences.


RAM Circle is an important initiative to support the long-term development of RAM. It aims to build a platform where young collectors, professionals and arts lovers can support and participate in the development of RAM. Circle Members will support exhibition, research, education and public programs of RAM, and obtain the status of RAM patron, as well as rights and priviledges accordingly. As such, RAM Circle members will be able to participate in the development of contemporary arts, expand their  network, and advance their career and pursuits in the relevant fields.

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