Volunteer opportunities at the Museum are available to students and members of the community interested in contemporary art. Volunteers must be at least 20 years of age. The Museum also welcomes students interested in understanding contemporary art or museum work to apply for museum internships.

The Museum’s volunteer recruitment process includes enrollment, a preliminary assessment and interview, participation in volunteer basic training and assessment, and on-site experience before formal Museum Volunteer status is conferred. Recruitment includes both long-tem volunteers (lasting one year or more), as well as volunteers for specific exhibitions (assisting with installation and gallery guide).

RAM Volunteers

Volunteer Qualifications:

1. At least 18 years of age, with a passion for contemporary art; responsible and enthusiastic.
2. Willingness to observe the designated volunteer times and basic duty hours.
3. Willingness to abide by the Code of Volunteer Service and meet the requirements of tasks assigned.
4. Willing to accept the Museum’s evaluation and recommendations on service requirements.
5. Able to complete the education and training courses at the Museum.

Volunteer Services Responsibilities:

1. Exhibition duty; guarding exhibited works
2. Assist and provide services to Museum patrons.
3. Exhibition tour guide (assessment required) and information services.
4. Assist in educational activities, such as: lectures, forums, research studies, etc.
5. Data processing, digital filing and other administrative support.
6. Exhibition installation support.

Volunteer Service Hours:

1. The volunteer term of one year entails at least one full shift per week, per time slot, with actual times and hours to be determined according to individual preferences and circumstance.
2. Volunteer hours must exceed 140 hours per annum.
3. If volunteers cannot report for duty at their assigned time, they must make arrangements at least a day before, either for a leave of absence, or a shift exchange with another volunteer. Volunteer status will be revoked for those whose absences from their assigned shifts exceed the maximum allowed.
4. Volunteers for specific exhibitions must be able to commit at least two shifts a week, with each shift lasting a half-day.

Volunteer Obligations:

1. Volunteers must sign a "Volunteer Management Consent Form", and agree to comply with the provisions and regulations during their term of service.
2. Volunteers are required to attend training and education courses, including: pre-employment training, on-site internships, job training, and professional training.
3. Volunteers must report to normal duty without arriving late or leaving early. Absences will be dealt with as outlined in the “Volunteer Management Practices” document.
4. Upon termination of the volunteer period, the volunteer is required to return the volunteer identification card.

Volunteer Benefits:

1. The Museum will provide a meal for full-day volunteers on the day; and supply refreshments for those on a half-day shift.
2. Volunteer uniforms will be provided. Those who volunteer over 300 hours will receive their own service uniforms and a catalog of current exhibition at the Museum. Volunteers whose hours fall below 300 hours per annum are asked to return their uniforms upon termination of their volunteer status.
3. Volunteers for shifts of over 4 hours will receive a 10 RMB transportation allowance which will be totaled at the end of each month, to be distributed at the beginning of the following month.
4. Volunteers will receive complimentary tickets for the Museum.
5. Volunteers may visit the Museum’s exhibits free of charge, with proof of their volunteer photo ID (non-transferable).
6. Volunteers will receive a 20 percent discount on purchases at the Museum store with their volunteer ID.
7. Volunteers may attend Museum workshops and seminars free of charge. (Subject to availability for each event.)
8. Volunteers may attend Museum-organized functions and celebrations throughout the year.
9. Volunteers are covered by the Museum’s public accident liability insurance.

Volunteer Training

1. Pre-service training: intensive short course. Curriculum includes necessary knowledge of contemporary art, daily museum operations, and basic service tasks that are required on the job. (Attendance is mandatory.)
2. Practical training: to familiarize potential volunteers with various tasks and issues that may arise on volunteer duty. Practical training will be conducted by Museum personnel or senior volunteers. Potential volunteers must attend all training courses over the training period of three months.
Assessment will be made based on internship hours, general attitude, and whether basic time requirements have been met. Official Volunteer Certificates will be awarded to those who pass the assessment process.
3. Basic Training: Coursework explains legal issues and volunteer ethics outlined by the Government Volunteer Service Act.
4. Internship: Coursework will be determined by exhibition topics, but will include exhibition mission, on-site guide, practical drills, and field trips. The purpose is to raise service standards and professionalism on the job.

Tel: 021-63216251
Email: volunteer@rockbundartmuseum.org



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