Internship Program Description

1. Objective

Rockbund Art Museum offers non-paid internship opportunities for domestic and international college and graduate students. The objective of the internship program is to offer practical museum training experience to individuals interested in pursuing careers in the study of contemporary art or art museum administration, and to facilitate the communication between Rockbund Art Museum and other academic institutions.

2. Eligibility

All interested college or university seniors or graduate students with relevant majors are eligible to apply for an internship. Contemporary art lovers and those who are interested in pursuing art administrative works may also apply.

3. Internship Periods

First half of the year: semester runs January–June (application period: July 1 to December 31)
Second half of the year: semester runs July to December (application Period: May 1 to June 15)
* The internship period should be four to six months for each session, and requires a minimum commitment of 500 hours.
* Please be advised the museum does not issue internship certificate for interns who terminate their internship with less than 300 hours service.

4. Divisional Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions of the divisions at Rockbund Art Museum that may offer internships.

1). Administration: The administration division is responsible for the management of museum operation, organizing volunteers, public service, and exhibition tours, etc.

2). Curatorial Division: Interns in the Curatorial Division will be introduced to issues relating to researches and organizing upcoming exhibitions, including corresponds with artists, curators, galleries, and museums before the exhibits; exhibition installation; produces exhibition catalogues. Interns are also responsible for the maintenance and management of the archives and library holdings.

3). Marketing and Development: Interns in the Marketing and Development Division will communicate with relevant foundations and institutions within the national and international art scenes; assist with the organization of VIP event for the museum‘s patron; assist with the collaboration between museum and diverse Brands and Corporations; help establish contact with the local community incl. art and social groups. Interns should have passion for contemporary arts, excellent bilingual communication skills, international vision in combination with practice of locality and experience at professional service firm/auction houses/galleries is a plus.

4). Education Division: Interns in the Education Division will assist in producing and coordinating seminars and other exhibition related events and also responsible for the maintenance and management of the archives.

5. Application Procedure

Perspective interns submit a hard copy of application and all supporting materials→ The museum review completed applications →Selected applicants will be contacted to arrange interviews → Notify the applicants about the acceptance or rejection. After the procedure is completed, successful applicants will start their internships on assigned positions.

*Please prepare the following documents and mail to us before the deadlines:
1) Rockbund Art Museum application form (Download)
2) 1 letter of recommendation from the university or college
3) Personal Statement/Resume/curriculum vitae and internship Proposal (please state your goals and objectives in obtaining this internship)
4) List of relevant coursework/modules undertaken; international applicants should also provide proofs demonstrating proficiency in Chinese
5) Photocopies of Transcript
6) Photocopies of Identification, passport, or student identification.
7) A 1’’ portrait photo.

* Please mail or send the application materials to:
Internship Application
Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum
20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District,
Shanghai, 200002

6. Evaluation

1). Each intern will be assigned a departmental supervisor by the museum. Supervisors will assess interns, based on their participation in projects, and their objectives, performances, journals, researches and reports completed in the internship.
2). Interns should submit internship reports including suggestions before completing the internship. The report should be more than three thousands words.
3). Upon completion of the internship, the museum will issue interns official internship certificates and evaluations.

7. Restrictions

1). The museum does not issue internship certificates for those who worked for less than 300 hours.
2). Materials gained from the museum during the internship (including internship reports) are not allowed to be published without the museum’s permission.
3). Interns should complete the internship properly and according to the museum’s required days and hours. If interns disparage museum’s reputation during their service, the museum reserves the right to terminate the interns’ position and notify their affiliated schools.

Download "Intern Application Form"

Museum Contact: Miss Sun
Tel: 86 21 6321 6275



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