KhekDhangKe Story_ issue02

Book / Art Chief editor: Rockbund Art Museum

The print “Khek Dhang Ke: Stories” will be both a window for the public to gain insight into the project and a platform to present discoveries that have been made, such as anecdotes and findings of figures who will emerge during our field investigation. The series of issues will highlight the histories behind the architecture, previous and present changes taking place on the Bund area, and account the public activities organized by “Khek Dhang Ke”. Moreover, each issue of “Khek Dhang Ke: Stories” will feature a map of a focused area of our investigation. At the end of the investigation, all the maps of different areas will be integrated into a single map that can present a holistic image of the evolution of the Bund. Printed version of “Khek Dhang Ke: Stories” will be available at the RAM Station (No. 185, Yuanmingyuan Road), the Library of Royal Asiatic Society China (3F, The House of Roosevelt, 27 East No.1 Zhongshan Road) and the lobby of Tongji-Huangpu High School of Design & Innovation (No. 95, Huqiu Road). In addition, an e-version will be made accessible on the official WeChat account of “Khek Dhang Ke”.

Khek Dhang Ke



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