RAM HIGHLIGHT 2018: Is It My Body?Sep 29, 2018 - Oct 4, 2018

Rockbund Art Museum (20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai)
Hsieh Feng-Rong
Eisa Jocson, Nunu Kong, Lu Yang, Venuri Pererai, Geumhyung Jeong
  • About the Exhibition

    From Sep 29 to Oct 4, 2018, the annual special project RAM HIGHLIGHT 2018: “Is It My Body?” will be launched at the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) Shanghai. Following from the successes of the first edition in 2016, “Zhang Ding: Devouring Time”, and the 2017 edition, “Displace”, RAM Shanghai will continue to challenge the boundaries of conventional exhibitions and invite the public to participate and interact with the works. Visitors will be able to enter a multi-dimensional art space blending exhibition, concert, performances, workshops, lectures, and other experiences together. “Is It My Body?” is curated by senior curator Hsieh Feng-Rong, who invites four artists or collectives from diverse fields that encompass drawing, painting, performance, video and real-time motion-capture technology. The focus is on how visuality dominates our living habits and modes of thought, therefore transforming the means by which humans perceive their own bodies and this transforms relationships between people.

    For Hsieh Feng-Rong, “We are situated in an age where consumer culture is highly developed, our lives are filled with all manners of social spectacles constructed by various symbols. The popularization of smartphones, in particular, has accelerated and stimulated modes of thought to become centered on visuality; the cognition and imagination of the body has been weakened as a consequence. This project, through the artists’ practices, does not seek to fundamentally change people's existing views of the body. It hopes to raise people's awareness of the above-mentioned phenomenon. Furthermore, this project, with artistic practices as ways of cultural researches, attempts to open up new understandings of the body and how new concepts of the self might emerge along with these new horizons.” Are people ever more reliant on visuality in capturing information and thereby neglecting other faculties? However, the interaction between body and its environment always brings into play the manifold senses, which synthesizes together with the subjective body in order to generate perceptual experiences. “Is It My Body?” attempts to shift towards the body’s other perceptual systems, reflecting on questions regarding however different levels of the body and probing an array of issues relating to the body and subjectivity. This includes among others: identity politics, the standardization of bodies under cultural economic influences, dysfunctional bodies, the consumerization of the body, the relationship of body and space, neurology, subculture and the tension between being controlled or controlling the body.

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    RAM HIGHLIGHT is RAM annual celebration which has a strong focus on the creativity and experience in contemporary art by a dinner and special commissioned project for 8-15 days. The artist(s) will be selected according to their abilities to activate creative experiences related to their own art creation as well as their wish to shaken the space and the audience of the Museum. RAM offers the commissioned artist(s) an opportunity to conceive a powerful art statement in relation to the space and audiences of RAM.

  • About Rockbund Art Museum

    For over eight years Rockbund Art Museum has been at the forefront of the growing contemporary art scene in China, presenting world-class programs in a unique museum setting. A boutique museum of the utmost quality, RAM holds a unique position within Shanghai’s continually expanding cultural scene. The museum is located within the Bund district and housed in an exquisite heritage Art Deco building, which was renovated by the architect David Chipperfield before opening in 2010.

    The museum’s exemplary curatorial, education and research programs showcase acclaimed and emerging Chinese and international artists, responding to and reflecting on present and urgent challenges of society locally and internationally. RAM presents a bold and pioneering program of three exhibitions and a special project “RAM HIGHLIGHT” per year, exploring and realizing artists’ most ambitious projects and working with them to tailor exhibitions to the Museum and to the Shanghai context, often with a large proportion of works being new commissions. RAM devises, produces and curates its program in-house, in conjunction with carefully selected international collaborations of the highest quality. 

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