Zhang Huan: Q ConfuciusOct 15, 2011 - Jan 29, 2012

Oct 15, 2011
Fumio Nanjo
Zhang Huan
Rockbund Art Museum
  • The Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) re-opens in Shanghai on October 15, 2011, after completing Phase II of the historical building’s renovations for presenting contemporary art, with Q Confucius - the largest solo exhibition in China by world-renowned artist Zhang Huan. With Confucius as his inspiration, the now Shanghai-based artist explores the impact on art, society, and religion of China’s rapid economic, cultural, and environmental changes. All new work has been commissioned specifically for RAM’s exhibition featuring animated large-scale sculptures, ash paintings and installations. Zhang Huan: Q Confucius, guest curated by Fumio Nanjo, Director of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo will be on view from October 15, 2011 – January 29, 2012, accompanied by a catalog and a series of talks and panel discussions.

    The basic concepts of the exhibition Q Confucius have their origins in themes that have long been of concern for artist Zhang Huan’s creative practise: the relationships that humankind, both as individuals and collectives, have with their natural, social and cultural environment, both in our lives and in the broader course of human development; and also the poetic expression of the fundamental nature of these relationships. The origins of Zhang’s creative practise on these themes can be traced back to the series of performance pieces he made in the 1990s, the origins are also apparent in what he calls his ‘concept photo’ works and have extended onwards into his later works using material media. In recent years, through working with materials, craft techniques and symbols that have particular cultural meanings, such as incense ash, cowhide, woodcut and historical photographs, the artist has ever more clearly targeted his critique on the direction taken by modern social development, questioning the meaning of material abundance and technological progress for human existence. This is both the logical extension of Zhang Huan’s sustained interest in motifs of human nature and also the artist’s contemplation of and response to the ever more frequent natural disasters and clashes of cultures seen around the world in recent years.... Read More



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