"As you go…roads under your feet, towards the new future" International Symposium / Live Stream

2021.03.22 - 2021.03.31 18:00 - 20:00 | Forums

“As you go… roads under your feet, towards the new future” symposium is the first public moment of sharing not only our research, but also our mode of working based on relationality and interdependence that we bring with us as we move forward. “As you go…” is a long-term project and research centres around the unheard voices and raising awareness to the shared problems underlying different contexts, ranging from China to Balkan, from Ethiopia to Central Asia.

Online Conference|There is no such thing as “documentary”

2021.02.26 - 2021.02.27 16:00 - 19:00 | Forums

This weekend, Rockbund Art Museum is delighted to participate in “There is no such thing as documentary”, a four-part conference co-organised by Dr Erika Balsom, Prof Ute Meta Bauer, Dr Marc Glöde, Dr Ella Raidel. This conference brings together scholars and practitioners across filmic, anthropological and curatorial disciplines, addressing notions of multivocality, performativity, and truth in fiction, through Trinh’s practice as a filmmaker and theorist.

Rockbund Art Museum Research Program: Curatorial Practices in Asia

2018.03.24 | Forums

In 2018 the Rockbund Art Museum launches a research program entitled “Curatorial Practices in Asia”, the main objective of which is to develop a strong network in Asia with artists, academics, art organizations, independent curators and researchers—with people engaged in innovative research and artistic projects that support a better understanding of contemporary artistic practices in Asia.

“Dynamics of Supporting Emerging Artists in Asia--Contexts, Challenges, and Projects”: 2017 HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Conference

2018.03.18 10:00 - 18:00 | Forums

In this conference, we are honored to invite some nominators of the third edition of the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award as well as curators, media people, artists, and art educators who have been supporting emerging artists in Asia in their own ways and contexts. We would like to learn more about their engagement with emerging artists and art projects in specific localities, curating art projects to locally and globally promote emerging artists.

Rockbund Art Museum and Shanghai Project present the international conference “AUDIENCES”

2017.03.25 - 2017.03.26 10:00 - 18:00 | Forums

The Rockbund Art Museum and Shanghai Project are pleased to collaborate and jointly present an international conference, entitled ‘AUDIENCES,’ on 25-26 March, 2017, in Shanghai. As the first initiative in China dedicated to the topic of audiences of contemporary art, this conference includes a symposium and a series of free-form conversations, bringing together leading thinkers and practitioners in the community from both across China and the rest of the world.

People’s Forum——The Rockbund Art Museum and the Shanghai Project, Shanghai Himalayas Museum

2017.03.25 - 2017.03.26 10:00 - 18:00 | Forums

As an integral part of the “Audiences International Symposium and Conversations,” the People’s Forum showcases important ideas from any discipline relevant to audience engagement and studies, and explores how these can be connected. The format is fast-paced with talks and performances spread over the course of a day.

HYPER DAILY 2016 Symposium ‘Towards Contemporaneity, International Contemporary Jewelry’

2016.12.05 09:00 - 17:15 | Forums

The world is changing. It always has and always will. One thing we know for sure is that today the world is more dynamic than it ever was. Internationalization allows people to go beyond the limits of local cultures. But no doubt a homogenizing tendency is leveling cultural diversity. There are many perspectives to look at globalization but nothing could stop it. Globalization is transforming the world into a wonderland we have never imagined. You can either restrict or expand.

“Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative” Artists' Talk

2016.05.28 09:30 - 18:30 | Forums

“Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative” displays works of 11 artists/groups from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea. The exhibition intends to trace the history of its different facets from which the narratives begin and the discussion on contemporary “locality” restarts to cover various times, recollections, cultures and ideologies. This event is supported by Shanghai Artemis Art Center(SAAC)and Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel.

“Ifs, Ands or Buts” Panel Discussion

2016.01.23 14:30 - 16:30 | Forums

“Ifs, Ands or Buts” is Singaporean artist Heman Chong’s first solo exhibition in mainland China. The exhibition’s panel discussion will be hosted by curator Li Qi, who will be joined by artist Heman Chong, curator Pauline J. Yao and writer and artist Travis Jeppesen to discuss the new works Heman created for the exhibition. They will talk about Heman Chong’s creation process and methods, the way he combined texts with images, and his conceptually-charged research and explorations.


2015.10.31 09:00 - 17:00 | Forums

The 2015 HUGO BOSS ASIA ART symposium is a unique opportunity to observe and to debate about the different shifting contexts of the contemporary art in Asia. The symposium invites high profiles artists, independent curators, and institution directors to share their experiences and projects from which they will dig out decisive concepts and practices for the future development of contemporary art in Asia.

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