Special programme

Khek Dhang Ke| Deja vu EP Launch Event & Dancing Party

2021.06.11 19:30 - 20:30 | Specials

Khek Dhang Ke offline event is coming! In 19:30 June 11th,let’s party and dance together at RAM Station in Yuanmingyuan Road! Embracing the most gentle summer night in the Bund area!

Newly commissioned project by Rockbund Art Museum|Jasphy Zheng: Stories from the Room

2020.11.07 - 2021.01.03 | Specials

Rockbund Art Museum is very pleased to announce our collaboration with Jasphy Zheng on Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020, a newly commissioned project initiated by the artist and supported by RAM CURTAIN New Commissions Series. Invited by Larys Frogier, director of Rockbund Art Museum, Stories from the Room is an ongoing work conceived by Jasphy Zheng, who will present her two-year Stories from the Room project as a temporary installation hosted by the museum.

RAM Carnival

2020.01.01 - 2020.01.05 | Specials

RAM@Campus | Children Workshop

2019.12.18 12:30 - 15:00 | Specials

RAM Sssssspecial Event | Amazing! Walk & Talk with the Curator of HBAA 2019?!

2019.11.06 15:00 - 16:30 | Specials

RAM@Campu | In the Laboratory with the Curator @Tongji Creative and Innovation High School

2019.10.22 10:00 - 12:00 | Specials

Freshman students and teachers from Tongji Huangpu School of Design and Innovation will start from a guided tour around the exhibition of Hugo Boss Asia Art 2019, with the help of a questionnaire co-designed by teachers and RAM education department. Based on their observation and analysis, students will enrich their understanding of the exhibition in terms of space design/ materials/ the way of presentation as well as curatorial concepts.

RAM Brunch: Bumper Feast--Rouyù depicted in Ancient and Contemporary Art History

2019.04.20 11:00 - 12:30 | Specials

Meat is an incessantly emerging theme in art history, and its image is extensively employed in the traditional visual narrative to celebrate represent the food value of animal body or praise the ideal human body. Some pre-modern societies that are dominated by religions equated appetite with a desire for meatfleshliness, and regards this fleshlinesssaw the crave as a taboo that stood in the way of seeking truth and longevity. Similar concepts have influencesimplications onfor what humans have es

Release your performance talent to be the soul of the exhibition!

2017.06.05 - 2017.06.20 | Specials

This summer, Rockbund Art Museum is seeking a group of talented individuals with musical experience for a unique opportunity to be part of an excellent exhibition. The world's leading and most innovative artist, Philippe Parreno, will have his first solo exhibition in China at Rockbund Art Museum. In this project, a team of performers will interact with visitors in various ways. You don’t need to be a professional musician, what we need is your passion and unique understanding.

【RAM Activities】Stair Climbing Contests

2017.02.18 - 2017.03.25 13:30 - 14:00 | Specials

Song Dong invites you to take part in the stair climbing contests in RAM. Participants will take turns to climb the stairs of the museum building from the first floor to the sixth floor. Before each contest, staff of the museum will draw lots to decide whether the fastest, slowest or the one closest to the average time climbers spent would be the winner, who will be rewarded with a signed artwork of Song Dong. The criteria wouldn’t be disclosed until all climbers finish the race.

【RAM Activities】Words or Wordlessness

2017.03.03 19:30 - 21:00 | Specials

Many of Song Dong’s artworks are related to characters, handwriting and texts (aphorisms, folk sayings, books and classics), including Writing Diary with Water, Reading the Book without Words, Life with Cultural Noodles, Forget About the Scripture,Doing Nothing Book and Word and Animals Series.

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