Mar, 2015

【Night @ RAM · Lecture】Vive Le Capital, an evening where art meets global commerce

2015.03.30 19:30 - 21:00 | Talks

Together with BANK, RAM presents Vive Le Capital, an evening where art meets global commerce that explores, celebrates, and critiques the omnipresent power of global finance through the perspectives from artists and others that examine the momentous and intimate experiences with multi-national capitalism.

Collage: A Simple Language Linking with Contemporary Context

2015.03.28 19:30 - 21:00 | Talks

This lecture will be the following four points: 1, collage’s first attempt as a visual language: extending from materials grouping to multi-dimensional consciousness; 2, that the complexity of contemporary art is consistent with the temporal and spatial logic of collage explains why it is natural for collage to transform from a simple technique to an expression of perceptions and from visual art to multi-cultural art......

Not Just Paper: A Social History of the Basic Matters that Form the World

2015.03.21 19:30 - 21:00 | Talks

Paper, born as the medium of writing, embodies the need of recording and the desire to create. Blank is the temporary state of paper; paper with symbols on it is its permanent form. The combination of paper and symbols makes possible the recording of history and the creation of art. The recording is the memory of the real world while creation projects the possibilities of the world.

Films as Mapping: the Intermediaries in Urbanscape

2015.03.14 19:30 - 21:00 | Talks

A fully unfolding urban map is intricately knitted together with individual experiences. Taking several classic films as example, the lecture will look at films, products of pop culture industry, and their way of perception as a medium of mapping to illustrate the possibility that we can change the urban conditions with today’s technical level.

An Amnesic City: An Unusual Interpretation of Shanghai and Its Lilongs (laneways)

2015.03.07 19:30 - 21:00 | Talks

A city is constantly updating itself. To what degree, does today’s Shanghai resemble a metropolis in terms of its landscape? How did Shanghai evolve into a city? Along with the elevation of Shanghai’s skyline, some neighbourhoods were erased quietly from the map.

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