Jan, 2015

Mark Bradford: Tears of a Tree--Conversation between Mark Bradford and Clara Kim

2015.01.29 19:30 - 21:30 | Talks

Coming across old colonial era maps of Shanghai at a local market, the celebrated Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford became interested the partitioning of the city during the international zone period; the changes to the Chinese address system under the imposed Japanese system; as well as the pre-industrialization landscape of the city—in other words, the mapping and remapping of the city, and the molding and remolding of the physical landscape over many decades.


2015.01.24 15:00 - 17:00 | Talks

Please note this event is in Chinese language only. 上海早在四百多年前就引入了基督教;上海的第一所教堂1609年建成,1640年建成的敬一堂是国内现存最早的教堂;在近现代上海经历了教堂建设的高潮,教堂的数目一度达到771所,有徐家汇天主堂、沐恩堂、清心堂、鸿德堂、唐镇天主堂、国际礼拜堂等众多重要的建造;至今上海仍是全国教堂最多的城市,新旧教堂总计超过300所。悠长的历史,特别的文化积淀,体现了上海独特的海派文化内涵。

Art and/or Social Movement Talk Vol. 4: Everyone's East Lake

2015.01.23 19:30 - 21:30 | Talks

* Please note this event is in Chinese language only. 五年前为回应某地产商在武汉东湖地区进行商业开发的事件而发起的“每个人的东湖”艺术计划,目前已进行了三回。这个迫于特殊社会环境而借用“艺术”的名义迂回进行的行动,也在有效性方面显示出一种局限。在这个讲座中,计划主要发起人李巨川将介绍计划的缘起与三回的进行情况,以及自己在这个过程中的思考。对话人王家浩将从建筑与艺术作为两种不同的介入社会现场的方法出发,解读“计划”在当前的都市状况中所能起到的作用及其前景。

RAM Talk: Remembering Belgrade

2015.01.17 19:00 - 21:00 | Talks

Yugoslavia, once called ‘the socialist pearl in Europe’in China, has become a historical term after civil war and disintegration. The ex-Yugoslav capital city of Belgrade was the only possible place during Cold War where East could meet West, and is still an important city on Southeast European cultural map. To many in China, its image has been sealed by NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999.

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