Oct, 2013

【Invisible Torrents】SAVAKA Vol.2 Lecture: Sound of urban nomads

2013.10.20 15:00 | Talks

Dickson Dee will share his non-stop tour experience in this year from April to Sept in 5 countries 7 cities, how he managed his time and work on the road for different kinds music and modern dance projects, and what kinds gears he used on the road as mobile studio to deal with different situation.

Artist Talk: Li Liao

2013.10.19 16:00 - 18:00 | Talks

In Li Liao’s view, he was forced to create so-called art, seeing as he does not have any special talents. He is interested in the ordinary absurdities of reality; his understanding is that every now and then, they will poke you in your life — most usually springing forth without thinking before being refined further.

【Invisible Torrents】Action Asia VOL.2 Lecture: Nation Building on stage--from El Hakawati to Ashtar Theatre

2013.10.13 15:00 | Talks

Mr Edward Muallem will give a brief intruduction about Palestinian theatre from 1920-2013,and then to take El Hakawati andAshtar Theatre as examplesto speak in more details about the theatre movement in contemporary Palestine.

Artist Talk: Kwan Sheung Chi

2013.10.12 16:00 - 18:00 | Talks

Kwan Sheung Chi’s oeuvre is guided by concepts and aimed squarely at reflection and criticism. Not content with just one or two forms, he strives towards simplicity and creations that target the space and discourse of the exhibition.

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