Oct, 2013

The Subtle Body

2013.10.25 19:00 - 21:00 | Performance

The playwright, director, and cast of New York theater company Gold No Trade's production of The Subtle Body will engage in a dialogue with the public in anticipation of the play's premiere at the Shanghai Dramatic Art Center's ACT Festival on November 5th and 6th.

【Invisible Torrents】SAVAKA Vol.2 Performance: Sound of urban nomads

2013.10.18 19:00 | Performance

Dickson Dee will perform with all sound elements which collected in this passed 5 months, of course not just field recording stuff only, also with some new software he got on the road, so he will put all different kinds style which he loves in this live performing with ambient, electronic, beat, new classical, industry, noise...all together.

【Invisible Torrents】 Action Asia VOL.2 Reading: Kefiyyeh/Made in China

2013.10.13 19:00 | Performance

In this play by a young Palestinian playwright, through her unique language, we might be able to realize how persecution and resistance occur under the eyelids of daily life. They're brutal and ongoing... ──Zhao Chuan


2013.10.11 19:00 | Performance

Love and other Brain scenarios. A performance - science presentation into the field of emotions As one of the most exciting Science & Art Projects in recent years, swissnex China proudly presents a five-act “lecture-performance” – Act Like You Mean It in which researchers explore the secrets of love, both in real life and on the stage.

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