From Corporeal Resistance to Mediated Body: The Dynamics of Embodiment in Performance Arts since 1960sNov 3, 2018 Saturday 14:00 - 15:30

Shanghai Study Centre, The University of Hong Kong (SSC HKU) (No.298 North Suzhou Road, Shanghai, Shanghai)
Zhou Huilin
Rockbund Art Museum
Shanghai Study Centre, The University of Hong Kong (SSC HKU)
Shanghai Artemis Art Center (SAAC)
Platform: Education Research
  • About the Talk

    For the inaugural discussion of the “Spectrum of Performance(ing) Arts” lecture series, the Rockbund Art Museum invites Katherine Hui-ling Chou, professor at the Department of English, National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan, playwright and theatre director, to sh­are with the audience the fundamental concepts and the ongoing pertinence with contemporary evolution enthralled in performance arts. Tracing back to Western practices in 1960s, the discussion examines how artists diverted from artworks and veered towards actions and body remediations. Redefining concepts of art, artists and artworks facilitated by exploration of non-art institutional space, these practices challenged the established art systems and enkindled conceptual art. Sequentially, they castigated a great debate on constitutions of art and the socio-historical context surrounding artists and artistic actions.

    Chou will delineate a series of pioneering attempts that exerted influences in diverse areas of performance arts, including the structure and aesthetics of plays and art history, thus underscoring their capacity for cultural production and alignment with new media, media art, interactive art and digital performance in the 21st-century. This analysis primarily incorporates examples from North America and is supplemented by a few from the U.K. and the European Continent. Through assessing a broad historical context and particular social circumstances, the discussion aims to engage the audience in evaluating current issues confronted by performance arts and other avant-garde movements, as well as any feasible tactics to combat.

  • About the Speaker

    Katherine Hui-ling Chou now works full time at the Department of English, NCU in Taiwan as Distinguished Professor, and is Coordinator of Electronic Theatre Intermix in Taiwan ( – the digital archive of local modern play and performance. She previously served as Project Director of Black Box Theatre at NCU. Chou earned a PhD at Tisch School of Arts, New York University under the tuition of Richard Schechner, a celebrated American scholar of performance studies and director. In 1997, she co-founded the Creative Society, a theatre troupe in Taipei. As one of the very few artists in Taiwan that are active in both playwriting and directing, and academic research, she has published a number of plays, and made great achievements in extensive research, with plentiful academic writings recognized by awards or published in acclaimed journals of leading universities.

  • About Series of Lecture of “Spectrum of Performance(ing) Arts”

    As art activities proliferate, performance and performing arts are evermore presented to the public, notably seen in art museums across recent years. The series of lectures of “Spectrum of Performance(ing) Arts” is not designed to invent some new vocabulary or definition, or to inquire “What is Performance (Performing)?”, but to examine how art in an unbound state flows and mutates into a spectrum with colorful connotations and more possibilities. It looks forward to the confluence and interaction of different realms of art, discussions from the artist, curator, researcher and scholar perspectives on issues such as the role of the platform, methods of artistic creation, ways of watching performances, the concept of curating, and the development of performance art and performing art under the globalization framework, as well as more dialogues in unexpected aspects between the speakers and audience.

    This series of lectures is jointly initiated by RAM and Zhang Bing, an independent curator, and supported by Shanghai Artemis Art Center.

    This lecture is co-organized by iPANDA and NMG.

  • About The Shanghai Study Center, the University of Hong Kong (SSC HKU)

    The Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong established The Shanghai Study Centre in 2008. It is housed in the historical Post Office Building, on Suzhou Creek.

    The Study Centre aims to be a place where new ideas emerge about urban development in the fastest urbanizing region in the world. The public program at HKU/SSC invites critics with challenging opinions, architects with provoking viewpoints, planners with innovative solutions and academics with new theories – all with the aim of understanding the current condition in Chinese cities, and to explore beyond today and tomorrow. The goal is to be able to generate new ideas that can contribute to better, more intelligent and more interesting cities and architecture.

  • About Shanghai Artemis Art Center (SAAC)

    Shanghai Artemis Art Center (SAAC), funded by Anxin Trust Co., Ltd. and approved for registration by Shanghai Bureau of Civil Administration, was established officially on June 6, 2016 as a non-profit art institution.

    SAAC aims at promoting the production and development of modern arts, through hosting, supporting and assisting non-profit artistic activities of various forms, including but not limited to art exhibitions, publications, public projects, artistic research, academic discussion, art curating, criticism and writing.

  • Ticket info

    Free admission, reservation is required.

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From Corporeal Resistance to Mediated Body: The Dynamics of Embodiment in Performance Arts since 1960s

Nov 3, 2018 Saturday 14:00 - 15:30

Shanghai Study Centre, The University of Hong Kong (SSC HKU) (Shanghai No.298 North Suzhou Road, Shanghai)

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