RAM Performance: FrameJan 10, 2013 Thursday 19:00

1F, Associate Mission Building (169 Yuanmingyuan Road, Shanghai)
Kong Nunu, Liu Yanan, Schweigman Boukje
Platform: Education
  • In order to grow, we must sometimes step out of our normal structures and embrace the richness of life in all its ever-shifting currents and transformations.


    Humans need frameworks in order to define their existence, be they tangible (a body, a house or a city wall) or intangible (family, community, beliefs and opinions). eyond the first frame other frames await – the limitations of bodies, the walls of the room, the space between audience and performers. We determine our own frames but they will sometimes begin to confine or even constrict us. How can we discard our frames without losing ourselves? In Frame, Boukje Schweigman, Nunu Kong and Nannan Liu explore this dualism with the help of a set of six independently lit wooden frames and the fluid and playful energy of their own bodies.


    Superficially seen you would frame the three performers differently, mostly because they come from such different parts of the world, such different cultures. Though, their souls and their energies seem to match very well! There are matters in our existence that go beyond frames. The performers will travel to the different cultures in order to invite the audiences to look beyond their frames, or at least become more aware about how framing is part of our lives and what it does to us, without judgement. Of course, as artists, they like to work out of the box, search beyond the frames, but they are also aware about the help framing sometimes has to offer. It is a delicate balance between framing and exploring.... Read More

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    Free admission, No need for reservation.

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RAM Performance: Frame

Jan 10, 2013 Thursday 19:00

1F, Associate Mission Building (Shanghai 169 Yuanmingyuan Road)

Please contact info@rockbundartmuseum.org for more than 2 persons.

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