RAM @ Campus: Identity Politics and Heterotopian AestheticsOct 24, 2016 Monday 18:00 - 19:30

  • About the talk

    Michel Foucault initiated his discussion on the concept of heterotopia in a France Culture radio talk on December 7, 1966, and in his preface to Les mots et les choses (The Order of Things) published in the same year, he again touched upon the concept again, citing China as a metaphor of the heterotopia. Though dealt with within a different context and in reference to different implications, the “otherness” (hetero) of the heterotopia has become a new coordinate for his discussions. The heterotopia as defined in contrast to the utopia was even interpreted by Foucault in his radio talk text as a kind of effectively enacted utopia. This enactment is what distinguishes the two. If the utopia is the opposite of reality, which follows the same logic system, then the heterotopia is the reality viewed in a context of realistic differences, which offers another kind of logic that we could use to rethink about the structure of the reality system we are in.

    Foucault’s concept of the heterotopia did not gain much attention until the 1980s when it received wide response, particularly in relation to topics in the context of identity politics in the United States, such as ethnic politics, feminist movements, and homosexual movements. The practice part of the talk deals with the heterotopia imagination, political struggle for identity, interventional artistic practice in public spaces.

  • About the Speaker

    Jiang Jun, an artist and art critic who graduated from Kunstakademie Münster receiving the title Meisterschüler of Prof. Aernout Mik, is currently a PhD candidate of iconology and exhibition culture studies at China Academy of Art and Peking University, tutored by Gao Shiming and Zhu Qingsheng. He specializes in the study of common locality in modern arts. He founded the Art Bureau of Investigation. In 2015, he participated in the group exhibition “China 8” held in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. He now lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

  • About the SISU Forum

    The SISU Forum is a university-level forum for lectures offered by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) with the aim of setting up a platform for the SISU faculties and students to meet with renowned scholars, exchange academic ideas and broaden knowledge and horizon. Named after the university, the SISU Forum has witnessed 11 years' development. We hope that every lecture offered at the forum will guide students to think about life and explore the future. Up to now, over 200 insightful lectures and 60 plus interesting culture salons have been held. The lecturers invited include Christian Ude, Mayor of Munich, Germany, and his wife, Wang Xiaohui and Ma Liang, photographic artists, Shu Yi, a renowned litterateur, Chen Li and Zhang Dinghao, renowned poets, Wang Anyi, Liang Wendao, Yu Hua, Yang Zhao and Zhao Lihong, prominent writers, Ma Zhencheng and Lin Shaohua, renowned translators, Professor Ge Jianxiong, Fudan University library curator, and Simon Schuchat, Deputy Consul-General of the United States in Shanghai.

  • Jiang Jun
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    Free admission, reservation is required.

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RAM @ Campus: Identity Politics and Heterotopian Aesthetics

Oct 24, 2016 Monday 18:00 - 19:30

Shanghai International Studies University Library (Songjiang Campus) (Shanghai)

Please contact info@rockbundartmuseum.org for more than 2 persons.

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