RAM Christmas Project 2011Dec 20, 2011 Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00

Rockbund Art Museum (20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai)
  • Island6


    Just Call Me Nickis an interactive multimedia installation made by Island 6 especially for Rockbund Art Museum Christmas Project. Visitors to the museum are suggested to call Santa via the phone number on the screen. When a call is put through, Santa, who is in a hurry distributing gifts, starts to rummage about for his phone. Finally he fails to pick it up, and returns to his trip.


    Just Call Me Nick istongue-in-cheek satires of the commercial entity of Santa Claus, commonly mistaken as a revered religious tradition. In the words of Coca-Cola, “the image of Santa most people have today is largely based on our advertising.” Invented in 1931 by illustrator Haddon Sundblom, the figure of St. Nicholas has morphed through the ages, depending on who the artist was, where he was based and what he was drawing for. The unshaven, greasy man in a wrinkled Santa suit exposes the sobering reality behind a well-loved myth, and comments on the effects of relentless commercialization on our lives and belief systems.


    As digital artists, the Liu Dao art collective also engages in exploring all aspects of technology and how it can be used in art. The mobile phone, now a ubiquitous, indispensable part of our lives, has greatly transformed how we live and interact with each other. Gently mocking our over-dependence on these tiny pieces of metal, Liu Dao projects the interactivity that usually exists person-to-person onto the screen – person-to-machine. Isn’t that what it really has become, be it our incapability to survive without texts, phone calls, computer games, the Internet? And yet, on the other hand, the situation is hardly dire. The comically grouchy Santa on the screen brings a smile to anyone who plays with it. Who is to say our interpersonal communication has not been made better, if not at least more informal and irreverent?... Read More

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    Free admission, No need for reservation.

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RAM Christmas Project 2011

Dec 20, 2011 Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00

Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai 20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District)

Please contact info@rockbundartmuseum.org for more than 2 persons.

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