Newly commissioned project by Rockbund Art Museum|Jasphy Zheng: Stories from the RoomNov 7, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021

Jasphy Zheng
Rockbund Art Museum
Longlati Foundation
Platform: Research
  • Newly commissioned project by Rockbund Art Museum Jasphy Zheng: Stories from the Room


    Biljana Ciric, Larys Frogier, Billy Tang

    Rockbund Art Museum is very pleased to announce our collaboration with Jasphy Zheng on Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020, a newly commissioned project initiated by the artist and supported by RAM CURTAIN New Commissions Series. Invited by Larys Frogier, director of Rockbund Art Museum, Stories from the Room is an ongoing work conceived by Jasphy Zheng, who will present her two-year Stories from the Room project as a temporary installation hosted by the museum. Her project will be occupying the museum building during its temporary closure from 2020.11.07 to 2021.01.03. With the current situation of uncertainty, where we are subjected to varying degrees of isolation, the project is a process to connect various places and people together, beginning with the motivation to archive a growing collection of personal writing responding to lived experiences of the current ‘new normal’. Re-defining the engagement between artist, institution and the audience by going beyond the conventional exhibition structure, Stories from the Room will be extended through the As you go... roads under your feet towards the new future research platform initiated by independent curator Biljana Ciric, and the project will be presented across multiple countries including Japan, Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Ethiopia.
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  • Submission Information

    If you would like to participate in this ongoing project, please refer to the guidance below:

     · Write about your days, thoughts or feelings, at any length and in any language you prefer
     · Ensure your submission includes a name, location and date
     · Send your writings to
     · Each contributor will have a dedicated folder in the archive and multiple submissions over time are welcomed
     · Please note that we are unable to include contributions in the form of the image only

    This open call in collaboration with RAM is a two-year project with the deadline of December 30th, 2022. The archives in the space will continue to expand with successive iterations as the project is displayed around the world.

    Please note: contributors volunteer free of charge to contribute to this project with the understanding their writing will be visible to different public displays as an on-going project by the artist Jasphy Zheng. Therefore, participants confirm their consent for the reproduction and usage of the content submitted for the display at Rockbund Art Museum, but also including future usages elsewhere as part of a continuous archival project initiated by the artist. Contributors must ensure to avoid the disclosure of private information in the submission. Submissions will not be returned to the contributor and will remain as part of the artwork. Submitted writings will be organized into the archive at Rockbund Art Museum weekly.

  • About the Artist

    Living between the US and China, Jasphy Zheng is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice most recently explores the inevitable failure of communication, both on an interpersonal and collective level. Using social installations, unannounced performances, sculptural objects, and artist’s books, Zheng constructs situations as public interventions that aim to raise awareness of our social and cultural environment, both in and out of the context of contemporary art. Zheng graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

  • “Stories from the Room” Project Plan

    Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu, Japan 2020.05.18 - 2020.09.25

    Rockbund Art Museum, China 2020.11.07 - 2021.01.03

    TarraWarra Museum of Art, Australia 2020.08.30 - 2021.07.11

    Ethiopia October 2020 - ongoing

    Kazakhstan End of 2020 - ongoing

    Serbia End of 2020 - ongoing

  • *Photo courtesy to the artist
     Poster design: xoesan
     Photo: Ken’ichi Miura

  • Installation view of “Stories from the Room”, 2020, CCA Kitakyushu. Photo: Ken’ichi Miura. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Installation view of “Stories from the Room”, 2020, CCA Kitakyushu. Photo: Ken’ichi Miura. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Installation view of “Stories from the Room”, 2020, CCA Kitakyushu. Photo: Ken’ichi Miura. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Installation view of “Stories from the Room”, 2020, CCA Kitakyushu. Photo: Ken’ichi Miura. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Ticket info

    Free admission, reservation is required.

  • Booking Registration

    Please note that we do not accept on-site registration, kindly make an appointment before your visit.

    Access is limited. To visit Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020 at the Rockbund Art Museum, contributors to the open call related to this project will need to book in advance through email. Visiting requests will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If unable to attend, these contributors will also receive the ability to transfer the invitation to another person to attend on their behalf. Contributors can contact via email for more details related to the reservation procedure. Please contribute in advance and visit the archive in accordance with our guidelines after receiving this confirmation.

    Appointments are open to RAM members, sponsors and friends. For more information, please inquire 021-63216251. Answering time: Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00.

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Newly commissioned project by Rockbund Art Museum|Jasphy Zheng: Stories from the Room

Nov 7, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021

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