RAM Family Workshop | We Are All MusicianOct 24, 2021 Sunday 10:30 - 12:30

RAM CAFE, 6F Rockbund Art Museum
John Armleder: Again, Just Again
Platform: Education
  • About the Workshop

    A scene from the era of black and white TV appears: the host was giving an introduction of the musician and announced that there would be a special performance tonight. Then the musician whispered something to the host, and the host told audience the objects to be used for the performance: kettles, toy ducks, ice cubes, crusher, a bathtub, five radios, a pressure cooker and a grand piano…The performance was completed within the laughing of the audience. The musician walked among these objects, turned on the radios, filled the kettle with water, placed flowers in the bathtub, crushed the ice cubes, struck the piano, constantly pushed and pulled the piston of the pressure cooker, took the flowers out of the bathtub, and played the piano a little bit every now and then… It was a TV program of the 1960s and the performer was John Cage.

    Composed in 1959, the work was entitled Water Walk. Back in the end of 1930s, John Cage raised idea of “dailiness” in musical composition, meaning to make music through objects of daily use. His earlier practice witnessed the addition of objects onto piano to change its original tone. Afterwards, a group of mischievous avant-garde musicians including John Cage opened up a broader realm for musical composition. Borrowing Beuys’ idea of “everyone is an artist”, they paraphrased it into “everyone is a musician”.

    During the workshop, artist Jun-Y Ciao together with all the participants will explore the sounds of daily objects. He will instruct and inspire participants to make musical instruments with daily objects and in the end of the workshop, a contemporary music performance featuring these objects and musical instruments hereby made will be presented. Wait no more! Bring your pots and pans and come to RAM to play with music!
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  • About the Instructor

    Jun-Y Ciao is an ,artist and musician. He is a ,member of free music duo “MTDM” (with Tao Yi), founder of “tThe Free Music Collective of Shanghai”, member of artist collective “ZUZHI”, long-term contributing editor of the “Art World” magazine, and founder of independent art institution “Where is the Zeitgeist?” - Editing Office.

  • Ticket info

    Ticket: 288 yuan/group (one adult and one child aged 7-12 per group, including workshop materials and two exhibition tickets)

    Purchase link: https://m.damai.cn/damai/detail/item.html?itemId=656889424426&spm=a2o71.search.list.ditem_1

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RAM Family Workshop | We Are All Musician

Oct 24, 2021 Sunday 10:30 - 12:30

RAM CAFE, 6F Rockbund Art Museum

Please contact info@rockbundartmuseum.org for more than 2 persons.

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