RAM Forum 2012: Education at Contemporary Art Museums in ChinaSep 29, 2012 Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

2F Y.W.C.A Building (133 Yuanmingyuan Road, Shanghai)
Philip Dodd, Paul Gladston, Hou Hanru
Lai Hsiangling, Lewis Biggs
Yang Yingshi, Nan Nan, Wang Huangsheng, Veronica Wong, Larys Frogier, Liu Yingjiu
Rockbund Art Museum
2012 RAM Education Workshop
Chinese, English
Platform: Education Research
  • Agenda

    Session 1: Keynote Speeches


    Welcome remark by Larys Frogier, Director of RAM

    Lewis Biggs
    Introduction to the Forum and its contexts

    Philip Dodd
    The Museum as Broadcaster: Education, Commerce and Culture in the Museum of the twenty- first century

    Paul Gladston
    The Social Function of Contemporary Art and the Role of the Museum in the Development of Arts Education within the People's Republic of China

    Tea Break

    Hou Hanru
    Exhibitions: Between Performative and Pedagogical
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  • This forum is conceived to be a platform to critically reflect upon the particularities of museum education in contemporary art in China today, focusing on issues of institutional perceptions, local audience and social environments, and strategies and resources to move on towards a shared vision of future for all who participate in this process.

    In the ‘museum mania’ of recent years in China, a great number of new museums have been built across the country. Many of these new museums are in the realm of contemporary art. While much attention and resources from both public and private sectors have been poured in to the museum buildings and exhibition projects, little still are allocated to education. This situation is further complicated by the general lack of expertise and professional resources for education at the museum, and above all by the general lack of motivation to support or participate in education events by the museum governing bodies, staff and the public. This serves to be a great drawback to the museums’ endeavors to fulfill its mission for the progress of the society, even though the picture of the scene now appears prosperous and promising.

    On the other hand, it must be acknowledged that both the museum and the contemporary art are concepts originated from Western social and historical context. They have been evolving in their own ways in the West too. So it is never the case that people here could simply take what it is done in the west and apply them to the practices in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou. Rather, the new contexts and conditions demand creative responses to the challenges presented by the particular situations of each city and community, and to explore the unique resources and opportunity they could provide.
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  • RAM Forum 2012: Education at Contemporary Art, Part 3
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RAM Forum 2012: Education at Contemporary Art Museums in China

Sep 29, 2012 Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

2F Y.W.C.A Building (Shanghai 133 Yuanmingyuan Road)

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