Art World Live! Art NaiveAug 7, 2011 Sunday 16:00

1F, Associate Mission Building (169 Yuanmingyuan Road, Shanghai)
Platform: Education
  • Ouyang Yingji/Lin Jia/Tan Fangying/Zhao Junyuan


    Special Guest:

    Ouyang Yingji (Senior Cross-Media Creator in Hong Kong)



    Lin Jia, Tan Fangying (Art World Editor)

    Zhao Junyuan (Artist,Art World Contributing Editor)


    Brief Overview:

    The unstable relationship between children, naive, and childhood and art inspired a series of analogies and fantasies of the subject “Unsuitable-for-Children” in Art World June 2011. Different from artists with formal training, most of those amateur artists are working in fields that are irrelevant with art. Self-taught art is their iconic identification. The beautiful and secret creation of these amateur artists built up the most intact world of originality. Their art has been defined as Art Naive in academia. We will introduce to audience the art and stories of Art Naive artists since 19th century to present.


    Zhao Junyuan is the planner of two art practice activities of children “Primitive Tribes—Constant Instrumental Performance” in the feature “Unsuitable-For-Children”. He will lead 7th grade students of Zhong Yuan Experimental School to present and perform their self-made musical instruments.


    Guest speaker Ouyang Yingji, who participates in feature “exhibition on paper: gifts” in Art World June 2011, has presented the works created when he was young, and looks back to his experiences in adolescence and art study. He will reopen his memory to and share his views with the audience about ideas such as the nature of art, the spirituality of children, childhood environment, spontaneous creation, the function and counteraction of art education, and the definition of naive, among many other contradictory complexes. He will also discuss with the audience thoughtful ideas about the past and the present.... Read More

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    Free admission, No need for reservation.

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Art World Live! Art Naive

Aug 7, 2011 Sunday 16:00

1F, Associate Mission Building (Shanghai 169 Yuanmingyuan Road)

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