【Invisible Torrents】Is Performance Art a Performance of Breaking BrickSep 29, 2013 Sunday 19:00 - 21:00

Mok Chiu Yu, San Mu
2F Y.W.C.A Building
Platform: Exhibition Education
  • In the 1970s, the situationists in France took a Hong Kong kungfu film, “Chinese Taekwando” and changed its name to “ Can Dialectics Break Bricks”. The original dialogue of the film was totally changed so the original story about the Koreans fighting against Japanese colonialism became one in which the people were combatting against the state capitalist bureaucrats. It became a hilarious film and was a classic example of creative subversion. What does performance art subvert? How subversive is it in the Asian areas? Mok Chiu Yu and Sanmu would facilitate the discussion.

  • About the speakers

    Mok Chiu Yu

    Mok Chiu Yu has been a tireless promoter of performance art in Hong Kong – introducing in the early 1990s Seiji Shimoda’s performances to Hong Kong, staging overseas and Chinese performance artists, and organizing many performance art festivals in Hong Kong, collaborating with Sanmu, yuenjie, Ko Siu Lan etc. He himself is a performance artist – having performed in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Macau, Yangoon, Chingmai, Linz, Cologne, Basle and Hildersham.

    While a strong advocate for performance art, he also promotes arts in all forms for everyone. He believes that one should not be just consumers but also creators of art. He is a well known people’s theatre artist, educational theatre worker and community art worker in Hong Kong.

    Shen Shisen/Sanmu

    Born in 1963, Sanmu lived and was brought up in the south. In 1986, he took in the “Salon of the Southern Artists’ beginning his creative works in performance art. In 1987, he began his stay in Japan fir 15 years. The themes of his works changed significantly in 1989 and were reflections on wars, massacres and the persecution of men to men. At the same time his works also contemplated and praised the culture of the East. His works may be grouped into different series - “The Legend of the Mountains and the Seas”, “Writings of Faked Freedom”, “Morning Flowers Collected at Dusk”, “New Chinese Dictionary” etc. His artistic activities also included poetry, printing, and installation. He settled down in Hong Kong in 2002 and participated in the curating of many performance art activities in Hong Kong and the Mainland in which he also performed. He was attempting to search for the diversity and the different possibilities of performance art. Sanmu in many performance art festivals and showcases in Europe, America and Japan. He has been a performance artist for 27 years and in recent years, he works diligently to promote performance art.... Read More

  • Action Asia

    An arts research project inquiring into the state of activism in Asia.

    Asia’s vast and unnavigable complexity precludes definitive and complete revelation. But passive observation will not do. We can only forge ahead within the shifting temporalities of conquest and florescence, frustration and resistance, and see what we can discover in these difficult times. Art’s power has been weakened in our afflicted present, but it must still strive, in its very physical presence, to expand and increase its symbolic power. Might it still be possible, given this scene of obscurity and tentativeness, to bring to light new vectors of change and possibility?

    The “Action Asia” research project conceives itself as a practice-oriented investigation into the intersection of the art scene with local life and politics, aiming to catch and promote a transformative artistic practice unconstrained by consensus reality. We will search for specific action points within the vastness of Asian space, and seek, through research, analysis, and presentation, to participate in contemporary Asian activism. Our particular areas of interest include: the Asian performance art community, contemporary Asian theater, designs and projects for social transformation, and activities that blur the boundary between art and social activism.

  • Ticket info

    Free admission, reservation is required.

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【Invisible Torrents】Is Performance Art a Performance of Breaking Brick

Sep 29, 2013 Sunday 19:00 - 21:00

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