The Unnamable, Based on Samuel Beckett The UnnamableOct 27, 2014 Monday 17:00 - 20:00

4F, Rockbund Art Museum (No.20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai)
Cai Yiyun
Talk: Dream and tumult: The absurdity inside the work of Samuel Beckette and Ugo Rondinone
Platform: Exhibition Education
  • Time:
    Oct.27 Monday 5pm-6pm
    Oct.27 Monday 7pm-8pm

    * The two shows are the same.

    Director: TSAI Yi Yun 

    Actors: WANG Shui, HE Yu (Vivienne), ZHU Jie Yu, Niu Huai Yu、Hu Si Qi 
    Sound: XU Hai Bei 
    Installation: DA Ming 
    Lighting: Wang Yang 
    Design: ZHENG Bang Qian 

  • The Unnamable

    Adapted from “The Unnamable” by Samuel Beckett

    A performance art project tailored made for Ugo Rondinone’s exhibition “BREATHE WALK DIE” at Rockbund Art Museum

    “The Unnamable”

    Who are you? Are you one of them, the show-goers?  Look, there is one waiting for a show.  People come and get a ticket, or they just come for a free show.  You wait here for what? You wait for the beginning or for the end?  For a free show?  Or for a voice that you desire?  The voice may just come to recite something.  It may be some poem recitation, censored safe content, just like the hundreds of shows going on out there.  It may be some improvisation, hardly audible.  But you cannot leave from middle of the show.  You are afraid to leave.  You are afraid it might be getting worse, otherwise.  You got to manage it.  Too early you are here it seems.  Waste of time.  Not a beginning passed yet.  The curtains are about to draw.  All is waiting, waiting for the start.   Among the whispers going around and around, you listen to the reasons.   You heard a voice?  Or it is the breathing, raising, falling, extending, swirling, and seeking for the way out.  Whereabouts is the others?  We don't know.  You are confined to your own waiting. You wait for the start in anxiety.  What’s it exactly that you are waiting?  Yourself?  Are you waiting for the end?  Are you waiting to be fearless?  The reasons occupy your mind.  You may be a blind, but you are definitely a deaf guy.  The show is over.  All is over.   

  • Director’s words

    The Unnamable made its entrance in the form of monologue, explore the existence of human being -- I am me, I am not me, the shape of me is ever-changing, I can be Murphy, Molloy, Malone, or anyone under Beckett’s pen, any one of ‘me’. Who am I? Beckett use his own style of grammar, blurring time and space, it seems like only a voice is murmuring, short and powerful, seemingly right but actually wrong and at the same time, firm and steadfast. The power of Beckett’s words lie in dispel, dispelling the words themselves, making words kind of language game to collage and assemble, it is trying to become meaningless, finding meaning out of meaningless and questioning meaning in meaning. What is meaning? What is existence? Nothing but a barren and a ruin in the frigid monologue is left.

  • About the Director

    With a BA in Theater and Literature from Shanghai Theater Academy, TSAI Yi Yun has been actively doing acting, script writing and directing theater works. She is widely known by her directing works “ The Dark Room” , “ The Fish God” and “ Writing Poems”, for which she has been invited to a number of drama festivals such as 2010 the Expo Performance Season for Inspiring Young Theater Talent, 2013 International Youth Drama Festival in Bei Jing, and the recent Copenhagen Drama Festival. Currently she is the creative director for LING WU THEATER and HYSTIRICAL THEATER. 

  • About the Performing Team

    HE Yu (Vivienne): Vivienne is the founder of INFINITE ART Studio as well as an independent artist who has been enthusiastically worked in the fields of performance art, contemporary dance theater, visual and new media art. 

    WANG Shui: Poet, blogger on independent art, social worker and independent videographer. WANG Shui has worked for NGO and grass-root art organization in Shanghai. 

    XIAOYU (Little Fish): the Lead Vocal of a band, installation artist, director, make-up artist 

    Niu Huai Yu: Dancer 

    About the Lighting and Theater Designer: 

    ZHANG Da Ming, VJ for live performance, researcher in visual art application for theater 

    About the sound : 

    Xu Haibei, composer, musician, vocal artist and conceptual artist. 

    He has made different music in lots areas. 

    Independent Designer, Curator, NYADC member, SGDA (Shenzhen Graphic Design Association) member. Zheng Bangqian works and lives in Shanghai. As a graphic designer, Zheng is committed to find the new language of graphic design, and maintain long-term cooperation with many contemporary art organizations in depth. 

  • Ticket info

    100RMB per person per show, free for RAM Member and RAM Family Membership

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The Unnamable, Based on Samuel Beckett The Unnamable

Oct 27, 2014 Monday 17:00 - 20:00

4F, Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai No.20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District)

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