RAM @ Campus: Colors in PoetryNov 27, 2016 Sunday 14:30 - 16:30

RAM CAFE, 6F Rockbund Art Museum
Guo Chuyang
Rockbund Art Museum
Frank Yang Art & Education Foundation
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Platform: Exhibition Education
  • About the workshop

    Poetry and painting are inextricably connected, as can be evidenced in the ancient Chinese poet Wang Wei’s works, which are best known for their clear, visual images, or W. H. Auden’s famous poem Musee des Beaux Arts. When it comes to the sensitive use of color and the creation of aesthetic sensations, poets are in no way artistically inferior to painters, as you may have read the following lines from ancient Chinese poems:

    “My new brew gives green glow; My red clay stove flames up.”

    “Snow Ridges, white edging the heavens, Brocade City, yellow in fading sunlight”

    “With cherry red spring dies, when green banana sighs.”

    Unlike the process of painting, poets translate their emotions into the objective form of words, which are deliberately arranged to create a timeless, poetic world that can be touched and sensed forever. In this workshop, Mr. Guo will guide children to observe the colors in poetry and explore the fascinating world of aesthetic images and poetic expressions, followed by an interesting practice of writing poems. 

  • Age Group & Admission Fee


    Admission Fee: RMB 200

  • About the instructor

    Guo Chuyang, an independent teacher of Chinese literature and founder of Beyond School in Hangzhou, which focuses on offering Chinese literature learning programs that are interesting, informative and thought provoking, to nurture new generations of citizens with independent thinking, open mind and courage to express themselves. His Speaking against Silence (2007) is the first pedagogical book in China that promotes spiritual enlightenment in classroom. Since 2008, He has been working on improving primary school textbooks for Chinese language learning through research on truthfulness. In 2009, he and his research team launched a nationwide wave of criticism against school textbooks, which has had an enduring profound impact. His publications include Insanity and Sobriety, Why Do Grown-ups Have to Have Meetings? An Independent Teacher’s Journey of Chinese Language Teaching, and From the West Lake to Walden Pond.

  • Ticket info

    Admission Fee: RMB 200

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RAM @ Campus: Colors in Poetry

Nov 27, 2016 Sunday 14:30 - 16:30

RAM CAFE, 6F Rockbund Art Museum

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