RAM Paper Laboratory| Between GapsApr 10, 2021 Saturday 13:30 - 18:30

  • A private scene is recorded with paper and ink, endeavoring to narrow the gaps among people a little bit and to build a transient and yet intimate connection through a zine. Reconsider the distance between self and others. Treat others as object without making ethical judgment. And perceive the charisma within it.

    We spent the past year looking for “gaps”. To be more specific, stone cracks, emotional gaps, messages having not been replied and trivialities of life. Through paper with different temperaments, perceptions of life are transformed into something visible and tangible, in which differences, similarities and intersections could be seen. It takes you and us together to fulfill the experience. The workshop “Between Gaps” will invite 10 interested people to participate, and together we’ll complete the whole process from content production, to Riso printing and binding. Participants will get the chance to work with a randomly organized collective, witnessing and contributing to the birth of a zine from scratch. In a sense, it’s like planting a seed for the year to come and make a plan for the upcoming spring. We look forward to meeting you.

    Note: Participants need to bring materials for creation by themselves, which could be images, texts or newspaper clips. During the workshop, all you’re asked to do is to visualize your imagination about “between gaps”.

  • About the Instructors

    Lv Wenting LWT

    Graduated from the Faculty of Printmaking, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, obtained a postgraduate diploma in French Art Direction, currently working and living in Beijing. Lv Wenting is a designer, artist and the principal of bonbonmuseum studio, bonbonmuseum: in French, “bonbon” means “candy”, translated as “Pinballs”, traveling in the gaps between space and time, becoming a carrier that accommodates and connects independent creations, art books, life aesthetics and design products, displaying a same scenery with different mediums. Bonbonédition is bonbonmuseum self-owned publisher, its works always explore the connections among individuals, groups and nature in humorous, relaxing and poetic way.


    yuchenghsiao is a Beijing-based graphic designer, who's loves to capturing humorous images of everyday life. She experiments and researches the various possibilities of Risograph in her spare time.

  • About Paper Laboratory

    During the long course of human civilization, paper has always been considered of paramount importance. It is almost ubiquitous in our life in a variety of forms: books, letters, paintings, food packaging and greeting cards, etc. More than a medium to contain information, paper is also deemed as a material that inspires emotions. Thin as a piece of paper is, it gives out a unique sense of subtlety and delicacy which could be perceived when we touch, flip, observe and smell it. Such is the charisma of paper. However, the rise of digital technologies has made a profound change on how people communicate and share information. When is the last time we read a paper book or send a paper greeting card? Moreover, the outbreak of the pandemic has further deepened our dependence on a lifestyle heavily online. People are asked to avoid physical contact and most of the communication nowadays is conducted digitally. As we are now trying to gain our normal life back, we hope that through the medium of “paper” we could inspire people to reconsider the relationship between man and the world, and to encourage people to communicate, express and make their voice heard.

  • Riso Machine
  • Riso Machine
  • Instructors' work
  • Instructors' work
  • Instructors' work
  • Instructors' work
  • Ticket info

    Ticket Price: 350RMB/person
    Including non-personal materials and usage of Riso print machine

    Limited to 10 people
    Buy Ticket: https://detail.damai.cn/item.htm?id=640496733566
    * Please purchase in advance, on-site ticket purchase is not accepted.

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RAM Paper Laboratory| Between Gaps

Apr 10, 2021 Saturday 13:30 - 18:30

RAM Station (No.185 Yuanmingyuan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 1F Lyceum Building)

Please contact info@rockbundartmuseum.org for more than 2 persons.

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