HIGHLIGHT Panel Discussion:Several Paths of Revisiting HistorySep 14, 2019 Saturday 14:00 - 16:00

1F, Rockbund Art Museum (20 Huqiu Road, Shanghai)
Ho Tzu Nyen, Christian Jankowski
RAM HIGHLIGHT 2019: Before the Whistle Blows
English with Chinese translation
Platform: Education
  • About the Conversation

    This time in Shanghai, Christian Jankowski will invite a local gym instructor to design an exercise routine based on the history and space of the museum, attempting to reconstruct and reinterpret the history. With Heavy Weight History, the artist decided to rupture that historical narrative, to introduce lightness to a subject with such gravity – and have weightlifters try to lift the city's monuments from the ground. History was revived through the combination of sports and art: “In this way, before our eyes, new history is created!”

    R for Resonance, Ho Tzu Nyen's VR installation examines the gong (锣乐) in Southeast Asia. His virtual world explores the fluid, viscous and molten qualities of bronze and its possibility for metamorphosis. It considers the potential influence of the gong through a series of objects and terms that link the instrument to the social, political, environmental specificity and colonial mechanizations of power of the region.

    During this conversation, Christian Jankowski and Ho Tzu Nyen will start from their different art practice and exchange about how to reexamine the history and the present. If we intend to reflect and think the current situation, how do we understand, interpret, or even deconstruct the history?


    The world is still fast spinning in this era of chaos, misinformation and disintegration, and we desperately need a moment to stop and watch the changes in the flow of time while examining ourselves.

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  • About the Speakers

    Christian Jankowski works in the field of conceptual and performance art with a focus on film, video and photography, but also in a variety of other media like painting, sculpture and installation.

    Jankowski's work initiates collaborations between contemporary visual art and other professional worlds such as the world of religion, business, politics and entertainment. The work is carried out in close exchange with mass media formats and their production mechanisms. The focus lies on the collective invention and the questioning of its power: Testing the image.

    Jankowski's works have been featured in exhibitions such as “Floating World”, @KCUA, Kyoto (2018), “Retrospective”, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin (2016), the Biennale di Venezia (1999, 2013), the Yokohama Triennale (2017), etc. In 2016, he curated the 11th edition of Manifesta, becoming the first artist to assume this role

    Ho Tzu Nyen is an artist from Singapore. A plethora of historical references dramatized by musical scores and allegorical lighting make up the pillars of his complex practice that primarily constitutes video and installation. Features in their own right, each Ho's work augmented by a series of deliberate literary, art historical and musical references, unravels unspoken layers of Southeast Asian histories whilst equally pointing to our own personal unknowns.

    Ho's works have been featured in group exhibitions, international film festivals and biennales such as the Sharjah Biennial 14, Sharjah, UAE (2019), Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (2012) and the 54th Venice Biennale (2011). Solo exhibition such like: Ming Contemporary Art Museum (2018), Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (2018) and the Asia Art Archive (2017), etc.

  • Ticket info

    Free admission, reservation is required.

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HIGHLIGHT Panel Discussion:Several Paths of Revisiting History

Sep 14, 2019 Saturday 14:00 - 16:00

1F, Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai 20 Huqiu Road)

Please contact info@rockbundartmuseum.org for more than 2 persons.

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