Education is at the core of RAM’s mission of supporting the production and sharing of contemporary art in China and in this way, of contributing to the progress of the society in general. The well-conceived education programmes at RAM, along with its highly acclaimed exhibition projects, have become one of the widely recognized professional strengths of the Museum.

The RAM education programmes endeavour to build meaningful connections between RAM artistic projects and their public, introduce to them artistic and social practices at the frontline in China and in the world, and stimulate thinking and exchange between different disciplines and between social groups. We hope, through these activities, the museum will become a site of learning, debate and enjoyment to which all members of the public have equal and full access.

The education function of RAM is supported by the following wide-ranged contents and forms:

Exhibition Know-More: contents, tools and activities developed around the themes of the exhibitionv

  • Knowledge-based tools such as guide book, audio guide and WeChat guide
  • Interactive tours such as curator’s tour, Sunday tour and group tour (by appointment)
  • Series of talks, performances and workshops in connection with the exhibition theme which are open to the public
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Night@RAM: presentation of artistic, cultural and intellectual projects of deep social implications

  • Sonic Transmission: a unique platform of regular presentation and exchange about sound art in China
  • Theatre and Society: a cross-disciplinary platform whose diverse activities construct a new form of public space for social and artistic topics
  • Talks, screenings, performances and exchanges about innovative artistic and social practices in China and across the world
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RAM Research Projects

  • RAM Annual Forum: an international forum taking place each year at RAM which responds to the urgent challenges in art and museum practice in China
  • Public Projects: the activities in RAM Research programmes which involve public participations, including talks, seminars and workshops
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School-Museum Collaboration and Children

  • RAM Classroom, RAM Workshop at School, developed and delivered with school partners
  • Children’s workshop open to the public
  • Educators Forum: a forum for professional exchanges among art educators in Shanghai
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Special programme

  • Free Open Day during each exhibition
  • Fete De La Musique
  • Institution and community events
  • RAM Members and private events
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RAM is awarded of “2012 Annual Institution for Public Education” by L’OFFICIEL ART.



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