What can Museum Education do, within actual society and its ongoing changes?
Can one build up his/her own knowledge and exchange equally with others?

We do not want to merely serve any single social group offering so-called sophisticated museum education; nor to use education activities as a tool to gather money, fame or reputation for the museum.

RAM takes the position to develop outside formal education system in China, alternative education projects that fully encourage individual’s perception and opinion in collective learning experience, and stimulate critical thinking and exchanges between different disciplines and social groups.

With an aim to involve public not merely as audience/spectator, but more importantly as proactive persons to experience and to share life together, we regard museum education as an experience to strengthen people’s connections with themselves, one another, and the wider world.

contact Gonzo, no title (but brainstormed every different morning), performance. “RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017: DISPLACE”, Rockbund Art Museum.

By creating an experience of feeling, discovering, knowledge sharing, and non-formal collective learning process, we introduce innovative artistic and social practices in friendly formats. From this perspective, RAM education develops SPLASHING projects going beyond typical frameworks of connecting art, artists/researchers with audiences:

ART Aperture around RAM art and research projects

ART APERTURE around RAM art projects trigger radical, poetic and transgressive moments to spark imagination and horizon on diverse topics. We build meaningful connections and extensions between the art project and the audience; we help to discover more, to appropriate in their own way and to build links between one’s own life experience.

#Rule breaker, #Laboratory, #Sensitive, #Inspiration

Winner celebration of “HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2013” — “Tear Down the Water Barrier with Kwan Sheung Chi”, Rockbund Art Museum.

“RAM Brunch: Bumper Feast—Rouyù depicted in Ancient and Contemporary Art History”, on the occasion of the exhibition “Tobias Rehberger : If you don’t use your eyes to see, you will use them to cry”, Rockbund Art Museum, 2019.


Through networking with neighborhood organizations and individual practitioners from different disciplines who share interests on the community, we invite public to reflect with us on the social situation and cultural diversity of the communities we live in. From learning more about research of the area, we try to preserve disappeared(ing) human history, to revisit daily life experience and local histories in Shanghai.

As community network organizer, we invite artist, musician, researcher, sociologist to conduct field research of the community around us and to discover different practices and cultures transformed with different historical layers due to exchanges, migrations, invasions, powers within our communities.

This long-term project will unfold in diverse format as residency, workshop, game, performance and learning group etc,.

#Melting Pot, #Overlap, #Encounter, #Action

Paola Pivi, Untitled, 2009-2012, inkjet on canvas. Installation view, Huqiu Road, Shanghai, 2012.


RAM regularly organizes a taster of different artistic disciplines for school students, children, teenagers and families, with the aim of boosting creative thought stimulating the imagination and enriching life and learning experience.

We establish long-term relationship with school communities and these school-museum collaboration results in special workshops which allow youngsters to try out new ways of learning outside of their formal education system.

  • Educators Workshop for all educators from different disciplines to stimulate their interest and to encourage, to cultivate them into active contemporary art education;
  • Education toolkit for educators as well as parents to help them encourage their students and kids to explore in different perspectives;
  • RAM Workshop at School, developed and delivered with school partners in connection to the school curriculum;
  • Kids’ workshop open to the public.

#Spread, #Openness, #De-mystification, #Unbound

RAM expects to open up spaces to learn, to experience, to feel, and to live with all public
– a space from which the unexpected is generated.

Nikima Jagudajev, Louisiana, performance. “RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017: DISPLACE”, Rockbund Art Museum.

Eisa Jocson, Princess Studies, performance. "RAM HIGHLIGHT 2018: Is It My Body?", Rockbund Art Museum.



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