Chen Chieh-Jen



Chen Chieh-Jen

Born in 1960 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and graduated from a vocational high school for the arts. He currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.

While Chen's primary media is video installation, in his production process, he has consistently experimented with community formation, integrating other participants with his film crew. This has conferred an activist quality in his creative process, one that is directed at re-envisioning society. When martial law was lifted in Taiwan, his artistic creation was in hiatus for a period of eight years. In 1996, Chen made his way back to the art world, and incorporated in his artistic practice his introspection of the those eight years as well as his observations of social changes in Taiwan within the post-colonial context. He formed a temporary community and a film-making group with the marginalized, with social activists, and with workers in the film industry. In order to visualize a contemporary reality and a people’s history obscured by neo-liberalism, Chen embarked on a series of video projects in which he used strategies that he calls “re-imagining, re-narrating, re-writing and re-connecting.”





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