Zheng Guogu


Zheng Guogu belongs to the trend-setters of contemporary Chinese art. Born in 1970 he grew up in Yangjiang, a small town in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, where he still lives and works today. He graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1992.

Zheng's work utilizes a wide range of media, and he moves between performance, photography, painting, sculpture, embroidery and environment. He made his renown in the 1990s through his experimental series of tiny photographs and of performances inspired by the daily life of Yangjiang youth. The remote provincial town of Yangjiang is like a cradle for marginal, non-mainstream artistic creation with Zheng Guogu as the centre for a circle of artists, photographers, architects, designers, musicians, novelists and poets. Resources and possibilities seem endless and many ingenious and ambitious artistic projects are born out of this climate—like for example Zheng's "Liao Yuan", the "Accomplished Garden", originally named after the online game the "Age of Empires", a kind of artificially created literati garden with several buildings serving as studios and exhibition halls. Everything can be art and art is everything. Zheng Guogu took part in numerous international exhibitions, like for example the documenta X, and the Venice Biennial.




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