Tsang Tsou Choi



Tsang Tsou Choi (1921-2007) was a graffiti artist from Hong Kong. All his works are written with a brush on objects in the urban environment of Hong Kong. Most emblematic are his electric boxes. The written texts mainly narrate past stories about himself and his family, but also his declaration of his sovereignty over Kowloon, thereby earning him the nickname “King of Kowloon”. Tsang has been doing his graffiti for over 50 years in various areas all over Hong Kong. His graffiti works have equally been shown in the 2003 Venice Biennale; he is to date the first Hong Kong artist to have been shown in the curated section. In July 25, 2007, Tsang Tsou Choi’s death shocked the cultural world in Hong Kong; the Hong Kong government stated that it will not remove the remaining graffiti works of his and will consider ways to preserve them.



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