Wang Qingsong


Born in Hubei province in 1966 and graduated from the oil painting department in the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Wang Qingsong is a representative figure of conceptual photography in China and can be considered the master of photographic mis-en-scène. In his staged environments he uses traditional cultural symbols, as well as contemporary imagery. By grafting these cultural symbols together with a modernized social reality, the artist questions the current social condition of unstable cultural values. For some of his works he employs large groups of people that he controls like a film director and the process of these large-scale productions is documented in video. Wang Qingsong does not see his works as conceptual art, but hopes to act like a kind of journalist. He states that his works have the attributes of “news photography”: “This ‘news quality’ as I understand it does not remain only on the surface but is the search for the truthful reality of essence.” Important exhibitions include ZHUYI! CHINA: Contemporary Photography from China, Photo Biennale, Over a Billion Served. 




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