Biljana Ciric


Biljana Ciric is an independent curator based in Shanghai. Her recent exhibition programes include: Institution for the Future (2011), Taking the Stage OVER (2011–12), Alternatives to Ritual (2012–13), and One Step Forward, Two Steps Back—Us and Institution, Us and Institution (2013). Her upcoming exhibitions in 2013 include Tino Sehgal solo exhibition at UCCA Beijing and exhibition hosted by Times Museum titled One Step Forward, Two Steps Back- Us and Institution, Us as Institution. In 2013 Ciric initiated "From History of Exhibitions towards Future of Exhibitions Making", ongoing seminar platform that proposes to revisit importance of exhibition making, that beyond art work itself, is one of the key factors in the arts relevance to social context. Seminar platform will be looking specifically at history of exhibitions in China, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Ciric is a regular contributor to Broadsheet and Yi Shu journal, and has been nominated for an ICI Independent Vision Curatorial Award.




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