Astrobus-Ethiopia is a mobile science-art-innovation outreach program that is carried out by driving a vehicle from place to place in different locations in Ethiopia. The project combines activities in Science, in particular Astronomy, Art, and Innovation to inspire students and the general public about the scientific method and its impact in the modern world.

The leader of Astrobus-Ethiopia, Yabebal Tadesse Fantaye, is a cosmologist turned data scientist. He is a co-founder of the 10 Academy initiative, which is an online learning platform for training the next generation of data scientists in Africa. He is also engaged in a number of data science projects for an Ethiopian COVID-19 response volunteer group.

Dr. Fantaye’s research in cosmology focused on applying advanced statistical methods to cosmological data sets in order to understand the statistical nature of the universe. Dr Fantaye is currently leading a research team at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in South Africa, which focuses on using artificial intelligence to map satellite images of the Earth in order to find alternative ways to monitor the progress of African development. 




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