Luca Forcucci


Luca Forcucci is a sound artist, performer and composer. His work explores the perceptive properties of architectural spaces, immaterial architectures, soundscapes from cities, natural resort and abandoned spaces. The works are presented on a regular basis in Europe, Brazil and USA.


His has collaborated with: Cellist Michael Kott, Beat Poet Whitman mcGowan,

Independent Digital Choreographer Johannes Birringer, Sound Extraordinaire

Francisco Lopez and The Young Gods Member Al Comet.


In 2011 he conducts sound research for composition in Shanghai and at the

University of the Arts of Berlin. After 20 years on various stages of Europe

and USA (from Swiss national radio to support band for Gil Scott Heron, Djing

with Questlove or Jalal Mansur Nuriddin among other experiences) and

running a music venue as curator, he is actually a PhD candidate at the

Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre from De Montfort

University in UK. He also graduated with a M.A. at the Sonic Arts Research

Centre from the Queens University of Belfast.



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