IsLand Bar (Chikara Fujiwara, Scarlet Yu, Minori Sumiyoshiyama, Grass Stage, JK Anicoche, Pavinee Ae



IsLand Bar is an open-source project by Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC), first initiated as an experiment in ADAM (Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance) 2017, and commissioned in Taipei Arts Festival 2018 led by principal artists Scarlet Yu, Chikara Fujiwara and Lee Ming-chen.

The artist group includes as members:

Chikara Fujiwara

Born in Kochi (Japan) in 1977. He is based in Yokohama and acting in various cities as a critic / artist / curator / dramaturg. In order to connect the world divided by “invisible walls”, he has produced “ENGEKI QUEST” in Yokohama, Kinosaki, Manila, Düsseldorf, Ansan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangkok. He also devised "IsLand Bar" with the trans-national artists in ADAM 2017.

As a critic, he co-manages the website “Engeki Saikyo-ron-ing” with Kyoko Tokunaga. In 2019, he founded the art collective “orangcosong” with Minori Sumiyoshiyama and has been working together with her. Since 2017, he is the Senior Fellow of Saison Foundation and the East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Special Thanks to the generous support from The Saison Foundation.

Scarlet Yu

Hong Kong-born and Berlin-based, Scarlet Yu's works primarily in the medium of dance in various contexts. Her practice involves dance, performance, choreograph one on one encounter focus on thoughts of Body, Presence and its fiction with autobiographical material, memory, and the state of in-between in various contexts.

She obtained an M.F.A in Dance from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in 2015. Worked as Rehearsal Director at The Arts Fission Company (Singapore, 2000-2010). She was a jury member of German Tanzplattform 2018.

Her recent works include Read Memory, WING, Hong Kong (2015) and IsLand Bar, 2018 Taipei Arts Festival. She collaborated with Xavier Le Roy on Temporary Title 2015, as well as Still Untitled and Le Sacre du Printemps 2018.

Minori Sumiyoshiyama

Born in Osaka (Japan) in 1986. Minori Sumiyoshiyama studied architecture at Kyoto Institute of Technology. She acted in various directors' works including contemporary dance, butoh and theater. Since 2017, she has participated in "ENGEKI QUEST" as a researcher, writer, editor, and art manager.

Since 2010, she has worked on her own creations. Her works create relationships with audiences by making her own tools. In these years, she has performed "Hitsudankai 筆談会" in Kyoto, Osaka, Busan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kochi, Yangon, and Yogyakarta. In this performance, participants communicate by only writing in complete silence.

Yiwon Song

Yiwon Song is a Seoul-based theater director and writer with multiple national identities. With the experience of being foreigner or a diaspora in her "homelands", she explores the alternative notion of space and boundary, via the inherent contradictions exposed.

As a member and a co-founder of the theater group "Bjung Society (2012-)", Yiwon experimented on the forms of attitudes, relations, and styles that can be observed and generated from the social phenomenaons and explored the artistic language that can stand off the dichotomy between majority/minority or oppressor/victim.

Her recent works are The Chairs, The Eyes, and a Blind Prophet (2018), Why Did Our Root Become Our Foot (2018), Shintoburi (身土不二), The Authentic Masterpiece (2019). In these works she carried out experiments with variable or movable stage installation, board game system, recipe of hamburger, imitational toys, and non-linear narrative structure.

JK Anicoche

Anicoche is a performance-maker working at the intersection of art, culture and development. He is the artistic director of contemporary cultural laboratory Sipat Lawin Inc., founding member of Komunidad X and festival director of Karnabal: Performance and Social Innovation.

Recipient of Davis Peace Prize USA 2019 for his “community performance for peace” projects in Mindanao, Ginebra Ako Para sa Entablado Award 2018 and Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Grant in New York City (2018-2019) for his research on performance and civic engagement.

His works have been presented in Edinburgh Fringe 2019, ASIA TOPA 2017, Next Wave Festival Melbourne 2014 among others. He is currently developing new work for Festival Tokyo 2019.

Pavinee Ae Samakkabutr

Pavinee is a performer, lighting designer and producer who has been working continuously in theatre and performing art field with many theatre troupes in Thailand and internationally for more than 15 years. She has pursued her passion and developed her skills for the art profession since Thammasat University. She is one of founder of Democrazy Theatre Studio, Bangkok, Thailand.

In collaboration with Arts on Location and Democrazy Theatre Studio, she was responsible as a producer in the first and second edition of the festival organising the Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival (BICT Fest), the first international theatre festival for young audiences in Thailand.

Grass Stage

Grass Stage was founded in Shanghai in 2005, with writer, theatre director Zhao Chuan as its mastermind. Grass Stage creates alternative, social related theatre in Shanghai. Their work devote to the promotion of new social theatre movement and the creation of non-profit public space. Within a framework of the most basic "poor theatre", works by Grass Stage use a diverse set of techniques, engendering powerful spaces for intellectual exchange.

Their theatre works have been performed in many Chinese cities, as well as in Overseas. Those works made collectively are including Wild Seeds series, a Social Theatre Trilogy: World Factory, Little Society and Madmen's Stories, etc.

Members of Grass Stage who participate in IsLands Bar's collaborative creation and performance in Shanghai include: Wu Jiamin, Sun Dasi, Zhang Ruoshui, Christopher Connery, Cao Yongjie and Zhang Xun, etc.

TAI group

TAI group was founded in Hangzhou, in the year of 2016. In ancient times, the word "月台" (Yue Tai) referred to the patios of traditional Chinese architectures built for moon-gazing. Now it indicates the platforms of train stations. These two characters also combine to produce another character: "胎", which means fetus. Just like these represented ideas, TAI group set out to admire and create art with exuberant vitality.

In TAI's artistic endeavors, they work in a range of forms, from image, performance, installation to contemporary painting. Attempting to seize the poetic moments in the everyday life, TAI want to welcome the public into the world of art in an accessible way. Meanwhile, TAI are excited and open to collaborate with like-minded people or artists.

TAI's works are "born" in common public spaces —— like "fetuses", splitting into multiple organisms and growing into life. TAI use the own body and flesh to explore the life of Chinese public places. TAI have been invited to exhibit or perform in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Nanjing, HongKong, Zurich, etc.

Members who participate in IsLands Bar's collaborative creation and performance in Shanghai include: KENG, Summer, Dai Huang, Salome, Eva Lou.

Zhu Ren [Office Chef]

Born in Shanghai with the ancestral home in Ningbo City, Zhe Jiang province, I have been living in Shanghai as a "nomad" over 30 years. Good at Shanghai dialect as well mandarin. THEY started to call me Shanghai-nese since my early childhood.


Special Thanks to Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC). This art project of IsLand Bar in Shanghai is made possible by its generous support.





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